Writing Plans – April

My original plan was to make a post for the entire year, but the year is already 1/4 through… So I can try to make a post covering my goals for the month, at least.

For April, my goals are pretty simple. It’s Camp NaNoWriMo right now and my goal for this is 10,000 words – though if I keep writing a lot every day, I may need to bump it up some. 15,000, maybe, or 20,000. Unsure if I’ll be able to do more than that.

What am I working on for Camp? If you don’t follow me on my other media’s (namely, my Twitter) then this is probably the first time you’re hearing about it. I’m writing draft… six? Of my dark fantasy novel, Those Who Emerge from Ashes. I commonly pitch it as “dead gods and sad lesbians”. It’s mostly that, but it centers around three young women and their entwined narratives as they escape religious cults, become gods, and fall in love. This story has had many false starts and reiterations, but I’m in love with the direction this draft has taken so far. Hope I can keep up the momentum!

Maybe I’ll make a whole post about it someday. I don’t know.

Again, as I’m trying to do Camp NaNoWriMo right now, that’s all of my plans for April.

Next month, I’m hoping to get a personal copy of one of my other novels, Lilium, so I can read through and annotate. Once that’s done, I’m going to go into another round of edits, send it off for another round of feedback, and then hopefully pursue publishing with it!

But who knows. I’ll talk more about that next month.

What are your writing goals this month? Are you doing Camp NaNo as well? Feel free to let me know what you’re doing and how it’s going for you down below.

Author: draconako

Alex is a queer writer, game-maker, and mountain of incomprehensible goo living in the Pacific Northwest. When they aren’t being paid to manage insurance accounts, they’re researching whatever interests them, reading from their arsenal of books, playing video games, or spending time with their partner. They can be reached at @draconako on most of the internet or at authoralexharvey@gmail.com

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