A Wild Alex Appears!

New accounts beg first posts to properly throw them into the world. This is mine.

Hello. My name is Alex. I’m a nonbinary writer from the Pacific Northwest and my main genre of choice is fantasy! Perhaps you might know me from my Wattpad account. Perhaps you’ve seen me on one of the many social media platforms the internet has to offer. And maybe you don’t know me at all. That’s okay, too.

The main point of this blog will be for writing and exploring the writings of others, so I’ll do my best not to deviate! Here’s some things to expect from this blog:

  • Writing excerpts
  • Reviews of books I’ve read
  • Discussions on certain tropes
  • Experiences I’ve had as a writing/with writing
  • Writing advice
  • Experiences with publishing (eventually!)

I might also rarely talk about video games I’ve played or make more personal posts. But, in general, this blog’s purpose is writing and that is what I will stick to.

It’s very nice to meet you!